Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cooking a turkey fryer with a

I wanted to talk about cooking a turkey in a fryer. A lot of people like you in Turkey, particularly around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the concept of using a deep fryer is a relatively unknown concept. I remember the first time I heard that you can do, is that Turkey would be crunchy or greasy. That is, what to think someone, because that is how most food is put out comes in a deep fryer, but it is very different for a turkey. The interior has been completelymoist and juicy. It 'was by far the best kind of Turkey that I have ever eaten and I thought I would share this knowledge with you.

Well, this is the first thing you should know that you can not do with a normal fryer, be it a few industrial size that you would find in a restaurant large enough. You can use a turkey fryer pretty cheap, which is very simple. In essence, you have a bucket that you put the oil and add the Turkey Or is heated with propane oranother type of gas. It 'important to note that you need to cook outside. It 'just for safety reasons, because you do not want a big bucket of boiling oil in the house with a propane burning beneath them.

Cheap Deep Fryers

Frying Turkey today is very simple. Simply heat the oil to about 325-350F, and you should be a thermometer that can measure down. Basically, the birds Put in the cart and slowly in the pot. They have slowlywhy do not you want to have a spill or something more in that direction, because this oil is very hot.

At this point you just have to cook bird there. How long does it take to cook something that is determined by the size of Turkey. Usually somewhere between 30-45 minutes, which is much faster than baking. There is a special rule for about 3 minutes per pound. Basically, a £ 15 Turkey 45 minutes.

Cooking a turkey fryer with a

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